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Author Topic: Old fashioned "remote" management  (Read 13770 times)

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Old fashioned "remote" management
« on: October 14, 2015, 09:37:22 AM »
This goes back to 2002 - when I bought my first Power Systems for personal use - 4x Model P140 with a 100MHz processor - for a grand total of 100 Euro.

Two of them I cannibalized right away to get more memory and have dual disks in the remaining two systems. And I had a supply Power supplies, fans, etc..

But they were not very fast - and there was nothing remote about them - they were deskside systems.

The "poor mans' virtualization - rather remote support began at work. At work there were a lot of these systems - 20 is a close estimate - and as classrooms were getting sparse I could not justify classrooms that were only useable for AIX. So, even though they were deskside systems - customers were mainly using servers in a data center - so while the commands were the same - normal admin work implied setting up a remote environment. Additionally, I wanted a setup where I could offer AIX education on-site as long as the customer had PC's and connection to the Internet.

More to come... (Work calls...)