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Author Topic: losing hmc profiles...?  (Read 13936 times)

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losing hmc profiles...?
« on: December 08, 2006, 11:33:10 AM »
has anyone seen a problem where having defined an lpar (or several) and then a profile,
and then booting the lpar ok.

when you next look at the hmc display an pc or hmc the profiles have disappeared?

the lpar still runs ok till you next activate it, when it says 'i need a profile to boot'


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Re: losing hmc profiles...?
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2006, 12:24:34 PM »
Had to think back quite a bit, but yes - I have seen it with HMC software 4.3.2. Seems the communication gets lost between the HMC and managed system.

Either use HMC GUI to remove server, and add server again, or run the compareable command line commands after logging in via ssh (on HMC).

Code: [Select]
       rmsysconn - remove system connection

       rmsysconn -o {remove | reset}
        {-m managed-system | -e managed-frame | --ip IP-address}

       rmsysconn removes or resets a connection from the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to a managed system or a
       managed frame.

Code: [Select]
       mksysconn - create system connection

       mksysconn --ip IP-address [-r {sys | frame}]
        [--passwd password] [--help]

       mksysconn establishes a connection from the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to a system in the network and
       adds the system to the systems managed by the HMC. If a connection  to  the  system  cannot  be  established
       because  the  network  is  down,  the  service processor for the system is down, or too many other HMCs have
       already established a connection to the system, the system will be added as a managed system which is in the
       No Connection state.
Code: [Select]
       lssysconn - list system connections

       lssysconn -r all [-F [attribute-names] [--header]]

       lssysconn lists connection information for all of the systems and frames managed by this Hardware Management
       Console (HMC). Connection information for all systems and frames to which this HMC is connected or  attempt?
       ing to connect is listed.

       -r     The  type of resources for which to list connection information.  The only valid value is all for all
              managed systems and managed frames.

       -F     A delimiter separated list of attribute names for the desired connection attribute values to be  dis?
              played for each resource.  If no attribute names are specified, then values for all of the connection
              attributes for the resource will be displayed.

Hope this helps