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Author Topic: how to create new partition from an existing dedicated partition?  (Read 7927 times)

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please help me with my query. i have a p-520 aix box already connected to a HMC. its a test machine, from which i managed to free a physical volume for creating another test partition. this server has a single dedicated resources partition.

how i wud be able to create a second partion, when all the resources are already given to the existing partition? shud i remove  the resources like processor, memory etc by rmdev command, stop the partition, and create new partition by using the freed resources? or can i remove processor etc dynamicaly while the partition is online?

also i have three physical volumes, all of these are connected to a single scsi adapter. so cud i be able to use a disk which is attached to this adapter for a new different partition?

please advice. thnks in advance.




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Re: how to create new partition from an existing dedicated partition?
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I don't really think you can do what you want because of only having one disk controller. The only way to do it is to install VIO which requires licencing.

About your other question, you can only remove hardware from a partition if it's in the desired state so you're probably better off shutting it down and shuffling things around. No need to rmdev it first.

If you open the partition configuration window you can tell if resources are in desired or required state. Also, I believ you can't remove processor and memory below the minimum setting for the partition. Someone correct me?