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Author Topic: HACMP and IVE LHEA ports  (Read 7971 times)

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HACMP and IVE LHEA ports
« on: November 21, 2010, 07:18:41 PM »

I do have a situation where i do have around 4 LHEA ports on a power-7 server. This server is going to have clustered and non clustered Lpars ( total 4 in all with one VIO server)

I have configured LHEA ports so that  every Lpar is getting two LHEA ports, including VIO.

As making a decision between SEA and LHEA, this time i decided to went with LHEA , which according to IBM are much faster than SEA.

My question however is that as some of these Lpars will be part of cluster and will be carrying base IP addresses of HACMP ( like 10.10.20.xx and 10.10.21.xx) while some of them will be carrying natively service subnet ip addresses like 192.167.10.xx.

Is it allow to use LHEA ports in such hacmp/non hacmp scenerio? I mean will there be any issue while carrying different subnet IP addresses on same physical port ( but off course different LHEA port for each Lpar)?

Please advice!


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Re: HACMP and IVE LHEA ports
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2010, 12:05:48 PM »
The short answer is yes:

The long answer is: it depends on how you configure it. Unfortunately, I dont have time for a long answer right now. However, I would like to note that you need to make sure that a HEA physical port is used exclusively by the VIO when it is used to support SEA.

HEA ports (MTSN-SLOT-T1..T4) that are not used for SEA can be used by multiple partitions. The maximum number of times a HEA port can be activated is depends on the MCS value.

The physical port only defines the first 10 heximal digits of the MAC address, the last two (00-FF) are determined during the definition of the lhea.