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Author Topic: AIX lpar freezes after turning off DS3524 (lpar lvm mirrored , dual vios)  (Read 8119 times)

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Hi all,

I have the following configuration

2 ds3524 storage disk systems located over 2 locations
2 P720 server located over 2 locations

DS3524 are connected to san switch.
Each vio server has 1 fc adapter attached to a san switch.

per p720 server 2 virtual io servers. Vio 1 has 1 lun from 1 ds3524,  Vio 2 has 1 lun from the other ds3524
On the lpar we use LVM mirroring.

The problem:

When we halt 1 DS3524 the lpar freezes for about 30 seconds and then is again available.
Is this normal behaviour? When i shutdown 1 vio server , everything on the lpar is ok , no freeze.

Any ideas ?

thx MarkieMark


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Using VSCSI or NPIV?

I am guessing VSCSI as that may take up to 30 seconds (depending on which "best practice" paper you followed. Or maybe you have a real error.

If using NPIV, you should have SDDPCM, or something compareable installed on each of the client partitions, and no freezing.