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Author Topic: Install New microcode in New FSP  (Read 4346 times)

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Install New microcode in New FSP
« on: October 05, 2015, 04:30:53 PM »
Hi !

Since I upgraded  with the last firmware for my 9110-51A
I have some problemes, no mater HMC I use, they lost the configuration server and I need to use 're-constuction state' because I'm in Incomplete state
Or recovery mode... It's in french I don't have the exact message in my memory, sorry.

I try to re-install the HMC and upgrade to the last SP and Patch that exist for HMC 7.9.0 but... always same probleme.
When I shutdown my 51A and the HMC (I work At Home on My pseries).
When I PowerOn it, exemple 1 day after. I have this message in my HMC when it detect my pseries and I need To recovery information already saved.

I'm in the same microcode in T and P so... same probleme.

I have some New FSP Hardware card in my hand But, they comme to another serveur, maybe not a 51A
And when I Try to use it, I have a 'snake Ooooo' in the LCD Panel of FSP
I think it don't work because this FSP I put It's NOT in the good Microcode for working in my 51A
So... I would like to programm my New FSP with the last (448 I Think) microcode for 51A
But... how to do that ?

If I 'boot' my 51A with my Working FSB (but buggy), Ok, It's work after re-construction
I try to remove and put the new FSP (hot plug), but don't work. (snake Oooo in LCD panel), and Don't sure hit plug it's a good idea.

Any Idea to do That ?
thks a lot