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Author Topic: Introduction + queries about Toolbox / AIX 6100  (Read 8679 times)

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Introduction + queries about Toolbox / AIX 6100
« on: September 13, 2009, 06:53:10 AM »
Hi there,

First, pls let me say: I'm very pleased to become a member of your great community.  :)

I'm Marc from Hamburg / Germany. I'm consultant (psychology) and my hobbies are cars and RISC-Machines (my wife studied IT). Some years before I worked with AIX 4.3, then mostly with Linux. Now I caught a nice little 9114-275 and started to switch to AIX.

After getting 6100-01 running and suma-ing to TL3 I've got heavy problems to install the toolbox (from genuine IBM-CDs). It began with lots of dependencies (mostly founded on python)... Whether KDE nor Gnome I'm getting installed  :'(

Is there any application or tool like apt-get, YUM or YAST to easily downloading & installing rpms? If not, maybe it could be a challenge to develop something like that working with repos?

Pls sorry me if my questions sounding stupid right now - I'm still having to learn...  ;)

Thanks a big bunch




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Re: Introduction + queries about Toolbox / AIX 6100
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2009, 07:19:13 AM »
Marc - my apologies for the late reply. I missed your post somehow.

re: IBM CD's - it is important to have the latest one. They are generally not the latest versions available out there, but the CD's are updated with some regularity - at least once a year.

On the IBM web-site they are updated more often, but can still be lagging compared to what can be found at the project sites.

The IBM AIX toolbox has "collections" and there is a so-called easy-interface, using wget if I remember correctly, that can get the latest versions from the IBM area.

There are three areas that I know of that provide pre-packaged AIX opensource software - all AS-IS - and varying degrees of being current. These are:

The perzl site also has some related links - for Firefox e.g., but more specialized.

p.s. It is more time consuming that I anticipated, but I am looking into starting up a repository myself. So, out of curiository I am interested in what you have learned in the last month.

Note: something that is not taking a lot of time is acting as a mirror for GNU software.
Check out: and