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Title: Installation: win some, lose some
Post by: Michael on October 30, 2008, 04:28:22 PM
This week I have been experimenting with different ways to Install Linux on Power.

1) Downloaded lots of .iso files (redhat, fedora, suse, opensuse, debian, IBM Toolkit)

2) Played with the IBM Toolkit
For Suse and Redhat it assists with the install. First you boot from the IBM Toolkit DVD, then you have choice of proceeding from command line only, or starting a browser (and going back to console when requested). Installs, adding IBM Tools all worked as expected.

3) played with debian net install.
The install goes well, attaches to network and loads packages. HOWEVER, 1) Debian still does not know to to boot from a logical partition as shared storage; 2) I have not found the ssh install and installation using the net install image. 3) console is not activated on reboot.

I have read some hints, instructions on these points with debian. If someone knows how to resolve these - please post!!