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Title: Backup (and restore) for Linux - what is your choice!?
Post by: Michael on January 21, 2016, 05:56:11 PM
Recently held a poll to determine the 2015 favorites for many applications and/or services. One of those was for backup (and I hope restore!). See

I did not vote, because most of what I saw was a complete unknown to me - and the winner (rsync) - which I do know somewhat does not feel like a backup/restore solution compareable with mksysb (for rootvg) or savevg for other volumn groups.

So, not going to start a poll - but am very interested in what you use, or think to start using for your backup/restore of your (bare metal) Linux systems/virtual machines!

Maybe you will convince me that rsync is the, or at least 'a', way to go!