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Title: AIX Version 6 and 7 - pconsole for remote - browser based - management
Post by: Michael on March 07, 2011, 07:40:35 AM
pconsole - https://hostname:5336/ibm/console was introduced in AIX 6.0 Beta. It is a vast improvement over using websm for remote management.

If you have not looked at pconsole on AIX version 6 and higher - DO SO! This is a new must have looked at feature to determine it's benefit. There are many advantages to using pconsole. I am especially pleased that a lot of AIX administration can be done without needing to resort to installing sudo and working letting "untrained/unqualified" people work as root anyway.
A lot of changes have been made since pconsole first appeared in AIX 6.1 TL0 (we are at TL6 now). I do not "personally" approve of them all, but that is mainly because I dont mind learnig very low level controls - in other words - pconsole management has been made a lot simplier, but that makes it possible for other, perhaps unintended, doors to be opened as well.

In case you have not guessed yet - more on RBAC to come soon - alos an "installation" feature that needs a lot more discussion as the era of AIX 5.3 as the main production version of AIX comes to an end.