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Author Topic: AIX Version 6 and 7 - pconsole for remote - browser based - management  (Read 17476 times)

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pconsole - https://hostname:5336/ibm/console was introduced in AIX 6.0 Beta. It is a vast improvement over using websm for remote management.

  • No extra installation (websm was meant to run as an applet in any browser, but java rte was not stable enough, and the applet got too big. pconsole is built on server-side java - or eclipse)
    RBAC integration - you dont have to be root, or install sudo, to delegate many routine system administration tasks
    Health - a very simplified view of a system "health" - but it is there for any system that supports FLASH.

If you have not looked at pconsole on AIX version 6 and higher - DO SO! This is a new must have looked at feature to determine it's benefit. There are many advantages to using pconsole. I am especially pleased that a lot of AIX administration can be done without needing to resort to installing sudo and working letting "untrained/unqualified" people work as root anyway.
A lot of changes have been made since pconsole first appeared in AIX 6.1 TL0 (we are at TL6 now). I do not "personally" approve of them all, but that is mainly because I dont mind learnig very low level controls - in other words - pconsole management has been made a lot simplier, but that makes it possible for other, perhaps unintended, doors to be opened as well.

In case you have not guessed yet - more on RBAC to come soon - alos an "installation" feature that needs a lot more discussion as the era of AIX 5.3 as the main production version of AIX comes to an end.
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