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Author Topic: Backup Solution Ideas?  (Read 8980 times)

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Backup Solution Ideas?
« on: June 19, 2007, 12:49:54 PM »
I have a problem and need some idea
I have two vg, which belongs to HA resource groups and only raw data are on the vg
Each volume group has only one hdisk ( 250 GB - big mistake of the vendor :) )
And I have no more disks to be created as a backupvg to create a fs on it and keep database datafiles' backups

The two disks have nearly 190 GB free space
I am not sure to create a fs on one of the disks as a backup fs because the two vg belongs to HA resource group

One thing I think was to migrate hdisk1 to hdisk2 and then divide the hdisk1 like 100-50-50-50 on DS4300 side and then migrate the lv's to 100GB part back

And then migrate the other lv's of hdisk2 to one of the smaller disks and divide it two 3-4 disks again.

But I have to recreate HA configuration in this case I think

Is there any danger not to divide the disks but create a fs on one of the HA disks for backup? ( except failover scenerios at backup time )

Thank you very much


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Re: Backup Solution Ideas?
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2007, 08:22:57 PM »
my gut feeling is that you wont have to recreate your HACMP configuration.

However, in terms of design your disks are a SPOF.

If I were you I would be looking at putting both disks in a RAID 0 config - as you have only two disks - as the DS4300 level, and then creating LUNs that are RAID backed. Once you get the LUNs, 1 in each volumn group you will have an identical HACMP config, but you will have some redundancy in your external storage.

I would not use LVM mirroring as redunancy - because both copies might end up coming from the same physical disk. And DS4300 RAID should give better performance than LVM mirroring.

As you asked for suggestions - I would backup to something else, create a LUNs on a RAID configuration of external storage - one LUN per volumn group - restore data, and restart application under HACMP.

I dont see how you are going to avoid some downtime - unless you can fit the application on internal storage, and run without HACMP, while you recreate the LUNs.

And, IMHO, you are very correct in your feeling that the config as it is now it far from ideal.