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Are you looking for a modern perl for AIX?


10+ years ago I was "more busy" with perl than I am today. Recently two things "happened" to change that.
1. A customer that uses perl extensively is using a version packaged by a business partner (who is no longer willing, or able to repackage it again for POWER7) and I started wondering what I might be able to do to assist them.
2. I wanted to run the ApacheTest on the versions of httpd I am building - and I was unhappy that I could only test on AIX 7.1

So, I started looking into packaging perl as aixtools.perl.

I am coming along - the tests for AIX 5.3 are quite promising. A few simple changes to the tests and the 32-bit version passes all the tests. The same version running on AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 almost pass everything - to my surprise, different number of tests on all systems - and different tests failing.

So, no guarantees - AND - more news to come!


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