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anyone have MySQL precompiled for AIX?


I am after a hassle free MySQL database to install on a 7.2 server for a month or so. I currently have MySQLv3, but we are up to v8 now. Just wondered if anyone knew where there was a more up to date rpm that I could install, ideally without licencing costs. ;)

Hi Seamus,

I downloaded mysql for AIX from the Sun/Mysql area just before they disappeared from the HP site.

The are "tar" balls, I have not ever tried them on AIX 7.x, but they should work.


I also have experimented with building MariaDB, but not the latest versions as they have too many GNU dependencies. I can re-visit that if the MySQL packages at are not working for you.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Michael. I'll try this tomorrow. Btw hope you are keeping well it's been some time since we have spoken.

Thx. Keeping well I'd say!


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