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Author Topic: Upgrade scheduled before April (2010)  (Read 6155 times)

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Upgrade scheduled before April (2010)
« on: March 19, 2010, 03:33:17 PM »

We've scheduled an upgrade to the PlusNet Premium option (?15.99 per month from ?14.99 previously), now that ADSL-2 has finally come to our neck of the woods.   This means a massively increased traffic limit, 80GB a month (versus 15GB before), and the ability to double the upload speed (the speed limiting how fast this loads in your browser, to nearly 1Mb, wow I hear you say!).   Download speeds won't actually be much different, but with the greater headroom on traffic I can now watch the BBC's iPlayer whenever I want without racking up another bill or having to stay up so late to get the free traffic time ;-)

This first part of this change is due to take place on March 29th, around midnight BST
- I think that means Sunday night for Monday, but maybe they mean Monday night for Tuesday.
At which point there may be a short interruption to the service as the routers sort themselves out.

The doubling of the upload speed will happen shortly thereafter
- as I have to call them to change it after the first change has finished,
and presumably there'll be a delay before they make that happen.