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Author Topic: The site will be changing soon, evolvement continues....  (Read 6632 times)

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The site will be changing soon, evolvement continues....
« on: March 28, 2007, 11:06:20 AM »
I have been working hard learning new themes, layouts, etc. - for one change.

The other bigger change will be merging the old and new sites onto one server. So, if the sites goes into maintenance mode for a few hours it is because I am making backups and making the move. I'll be practicing on some test servers first, as it is not really standard "merging" old HTML/Frontpage code and dynamic HTML, but I am going to try.

Once finished - the URL will be a redirect, and eventually an alias for so that all you old bookmarks (as well as though in google) should work without a lot (or any) of work on your part.

Please take the time to comment on what needs improvement, etc..