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Author Topic: Member count, and registration  (Read 6970 times)

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Member count, and registration
« on: August 24, 2007, 10:12:59 AM »
We have reached 900 members today - of which I am a "few" (me, TestUser, and admin), so the real cheer goes up when we reach a few more.

However, John and I have been looking at the membership list and we notice that many people register, but never seem to authenticate their account.

What I hope to prevent is that people register twice, as I am hoping the the membership number is some indication of the utility and activity of the ROOTvg portal.

I hope  ;) I don't go crazy answering lots and lots of posts, BUT! if you have registered, and you are not receiving an authentification mail (perhaps because your ISP, or company, is blocking it as SPAM - send me an email - use the contacts option to find my email address - and I'll look into it.

You will need to send me your account name (display name) and email address. Once I can confirm those, I'll activate your account manually.

Note: if you are not receiving activation mails, you will not receive forum notification emails either.

I hope this resolves several of the problems portals like rootvg have regarding user registration.