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Forums updated, "moved" to new URL for time-being.


I am in the slow process of updating the rootvg site and I am starting with the forums.

For the google hits - I am leaving this forum in place for now, but I am not planning on moving the content again.

The other big change is that I am breaking the bridge between the joomla part and the forums, so some search links may not be working.

Please accept my apologies as we make these moves.

I have moved the forums back to - the temporary URL of will continue to work.

Back when I first started, and last week, I have been having some near failures with disks. New ones are ordered so I hope the poor response and/or no response is behind us for now.

Well - here we are again - back at - without the need for /forums/... in everything.

And, happy me - a mod that broke when I upgraded the forums to smf 2.0 is working again - and just Maybe, google will start finding me again.

Anyway, finally our new URL home, and tomorrow I hope - to write about the changes that necessitated all the time, energy and grief it took to get here!



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