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Author Topic: Do you want a big one for Christmas ?  (Read 11259 times)

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Do you want a big one for Christmas ?
« on: November 23, 2007, 09:22:14 PM »
The time has come to pass on our S70 server.

This machine has been running faultlessly for many years now.
It's fully set up as a blank web server with AIX 4.3.3 on it currently.
The security of the configuration is high, installed to the same
specification as we defined for certain UK on-line banks,
and one that has stood the test of time in actual service.

We would be pleased to continue to assist with the support of the
configuration, and setting up a really secure web site (like this which was running on the box for a while) is thus an easy process.

If anyone in the UK is seriously interested please get in touch by PM before Dec 10th.

It's an 8-way machine, with 1GB RAM. 
There are four SCSI disks in the I/O drawer, installed as two mirrored rootvg images (a fall-back full image to boot).
There are two drawers full of SSA 020 disks, a mix of 4.5 and 9GB.
Twin ethernet cards, graphics adapter.
A SCSI Diff card links to the Magstar autochanger, a twin drive.
There's a 4mm 12GB in-built DDS tape, CDROM and floppy.

The problem is that the requirements to run it are large:
- Twin racks, total size 1.58m High x 1.21m Wide, 1.04m Deep,
- allow another 1m or so front and back to open the rack doors.
- 400Kg for the CEC Rack, 130Kg the I/O rack, then the SSA disk drawers,
- so near enough a tonne.
- About 2.7KW, a cost of something like ?6 a day to run,
- needs three of the caravan 30Amp plug sockets,
- 7800 Btu/hr heat output.

Currently the machine is in a data centre in Chester.
There are ramps and easy access to the street once the
secure doors are open.  Clearly a drop-tail lorry would be
required and the removal arrangements would be entirely up to the
new owner.

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John Peck

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Re: Do you want a big one for Christmas ?
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2007, 11:58:15 PM »

Well nobody wanted it so it has been stripped and various parts are now on sale on eBay:

- some adapter cards, cables and drives.

Check that out if you need parts for a more mature machine  ;)