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Author Topic: Python3 and binary builds aka bdisk library/repository  (Read 5344 times)

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Python3 and binary builds aka bdisk library/repository
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:33:40 AM »
My experiments with this have shown, to me, that using Python and binary distributions prepared for AIX (aka wheels and eggs) is feasible.

My latest versions of AIX packaging include the initial glue needed for this to work - and I have submitted patches to Python and pypa (who are responsible for tools such as distutils and pip) so that this can become mainstream.

If you are a user, or perhaps more likely - want to be a python user but cannot because you cannot compile your own modules such as cffi and cryptography - this should be a big benefit, as the shared libraries these modules need are per-compiled and ready to load without requiring a compiler!

Please add a comment if you have needed, or need, per-compiled modules - and which ones - so I can get started with a bdist (binary distribution) library!
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