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While it may take some investigation to get environment variables correct - eventually this does work!
For example - one of the scientific Python modules - numpy.

root@x069:[/python]pip wheel numpy
Collecting numpy
  Using cached
  Installing build dependencies ... done
  Getting requirements to build wheel ... done
    Preparing wheel metadata ... done
Building wheels for collected packages: numpy
  Building wheel for numpy (PEP 517) ... done
  Created wheel for numpy: filename=numpy-1.18.0-cp37-cp37m-AIX_7104_1845_64.whl size=7130503 sha256=b5456e8aefb80a0ff714532d697f4f115bcbe7d8bd2871593c0bb0b93cac10fd
  Stored in directory: /python
Successfully built numpy

Wheels means no compiler needed for later installs and an installation in a virtualenv is also possible (aka python -m pip --user ....)

Michael this is great. I have been trying to do this on the aix but to no avail.. Can I get this numpy wheel package hosted as I am not able to compile on our aix 7.1..

Not tonight - at least I don't think so.
Which version of Python are you using? As wheels are - usually - Python version dependent.

Thank you again Michael for your reply..

Python 3.7 is what I got installed. Below are the list of packages. My end goal is to have pandas. I hope once I have numpy installed, should have pandas issues corrected. Please advise if not so. I am novice to the AIX world.

bcrypt       3.1.7
cffi         1.13.2
cryptography 2.8
Cython       0.29.20
paramiko     2.6.0
pip          20.1.1
pycparser    2.19
PyNaCl       1.3.0
setuptools   40.8.0
six          1.13.0
wheel        0.34.2

OK. I'll have to build it seperately. Do not have it for py37 yet.
p.s. - what is the oslevel your run on? (oslevel -s -q | head -5).
p.p.s. I assume you are using my packaging of Python.


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