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Title: Packaging R for AIX
Post by: Michael on October 15, 2015, 09:33:17 AM
A few months back I was asked to look at packaging R for AIX. The first roadblock was that I also needed fortran to build R.

Since I did not have access to IBM Fortran I needed to improve my gcc compiler to include gfortran.

Yesterday, the requester and I finally got around to testing what I had packaged - and the memory space was too small. Could it be packaged as 64-bit?

Well, with the IBM compilers - one easy way is to just say that OBJECT_MODE=64. Unfortunately, gcc and gfortran do not understand that (while ld does very well, and it refuses to use the 32-bit objects being produced).

I shall save you all my trials.

The simple solution was to just set OBJECT_MODE=64 (be sure and export that) and then set (and export both) CFLAGS to "-maix64 -O2" and FFLAGS="-maix64 -O2"

Happy me!