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Title: new packaging strategy - package names and builddate
Post by: Michael on August 31, 2020, 07:30:42 PM
One of my goals has been to keep installation dependencies to a minimum. Some packages I have packaged with only static libraries, rather than a list of shared libraries that are needed as dependencies.

In general, I am going to package now - with dependencies (i.e., with shared libraries) by default, and some packages - I'll ALSO make available as 'stand-alone'. To make the distinction clear - packages starting with 'aixtools.something' will be standard packages that will have shared libraries as dependencies (some coming from AIX).

When I do package using static libraries I'll name the package 'aix-static.something'.

Also, we are several years further - so I am going to take the builddate "1241" as the base operating system level: this is: 5300-12-07-1241; 6100-08-00-1241 and 7100-02-00-1241 (and any AIX 7.2 as that is later than builddate 1241 (2012 week 41).