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Author Topic: gRPC go on AIX  (Read 7347 times)

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gRPC go on AIX
« on: December 21, 2017, 09:47:57 PM »
    Can someone help me to set up gRPC go on AIX7.2 running on a Power 8. I tried installing using go get -u (, but it fails with following:

https fetch failed: Get x509: failed to load system roots and no roots provided
package unrecognized import path "" (https fetch: Get x509: failed to load system roots and no roots provided)

Version info:
bash-4.4# go version
go version go1.8.1 gccgo (GCC) 7.2.0 aix/ppc

Any pointers would be helpful.



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Re: gRPC go on AIX
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2017, 09:42:20 AM »
This falls into the category of "complex" as I have no experience with 'go', nor do I have ready access to AIX 7.2 or POWER8 (FYI: I do what I do on personally owned systems, not IBM nor customer systems.)

I assume 'x509' is your hostname.

Did you verify with any of host, nslookup, and/or dig that the hostname is resolveable?
If yes, did you verify that the port number used by go to import (e.g., 80, 443, or maybe something special) is reachable (I use 'telnet 443' and hope for a 'connection'.

While, or immediately following your request.

This must fail (as does not exist)
michael@x071:[/home/michael]telnet 12345

michael@x071:[/home/michael]netstat -tn | grep 12345
tcp        0      0          SYN_SENT

Another idea to learn more about the error messages - use a wrong hostname, use a wrong package name.

As - it should be working.

Lastly - as I do not know 'go' - what is a possible meaning re: "failed to load system roots and no roots provided"