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Author Topic: New base date and AIX version for packaging: AIX 5.3 packaging on request  (Read 10598 times)

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  • I am changing my policy re: base build system.
  • I took the builddate 1241 - as the base date - as this includes AIX 5.3 TL12 (SP07). However, my default build will be on AIX 6.1. AIX 5.3 is a special request.
  • This means these packages will install on these - and later versions of AIX (including AIX 7.2, any release).
Known Service Packs

  • By request I will build for:

FYI: It is not just the version of AIX that needs to be increasing - also the builddate of a package needs to be equal, or later that the builddate that the software was packaged on (not it's own builddate). This is to ensure binary comparability with the standard libraries provided by IBM AIX (in particular, /usr/lib/libc.a and related libraries).