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Author Topic: Update p570 firmware  (Read 8028 times)

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Update p570 firmware
« on: August 19, 2010, 11:31:26 AM »
we are planning the urgent update of our firmware.
Currently EM320_083 (pretty old)
Planned EM350_071 (latest)

My Questions:
(1) Is EM350_071 (latest) fine or should we better use the recommended EM350_049?

(2) We heard that we have to go in TWO steps. Can anybody confirm this?
Or is the "01EM350_071_038.html" from the firmware-download true? There I found only this limitations:
       "Upgrading from EM320_031 to EM350_xxx
       If your current level of firmware is EM320_031 you must install any higher level of EM320 before
       upgrading your firmware to this level.
       Upgrading from EM310_xxx to EM350_yyy
       If your current level of firmware is EM310_xxx,  you must install EM320_040 or higher before
       upgrading your firmware to this level."

(3) HMC is running 7.3.5 with 2 Fixes. All lpars are running AIX 6.1 TL5. We are going to update the microcode of the devices too. Anything else we should think about?

Unfortunately the FLRT could not help me. Maybe you can ...
Thanks for reading.
Best regards!


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Re: Update p570 firmware
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2010, 12:38:12 PM »
See what happens when you are ill - (I was ill last two weeks of August, and most of September).

I assume you have already updated.

If not, you can update in one step (as the HMC are already high enough, however, best practice is to update HMC to latest level (latest 7.3.5 version, or new Power7 enabled HMC version).

The issue was that your firmware level needed to be EM320_040 or higher. You are/were at EM320_083 so you can update directly.

And, unless you have or now a reason not to go with the latest version - download and install the latest version. If you have reasons/concerns - use one level back, boot, make sure it is permanent level, and then install the latest level on the temporary side. FYI: the update from n-1, should be concurrent. Going back a level is disruptive (which is why you might consider going one level back, and using concurrent upgrade to get to latest level.)

Generally speaking - just take the latest level, and try to keep firmware levels at n-1 or n-2 levels from latest.