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Title: SP and TL
Post by: Giants on November 09, 2015, 11:17:59 AM
Hi !

With the last 'politique' of IBM, it's impossible to download SP and TL if you don't have a IBM account AND the right that 'done good'.
Actualy, I don't work on any society only at home with my personnal Pseries (P5) so, I don't have any access for find or download TL and SP

Is they are any way to download this ?
I have only the 7100-00-02-1041 in my HardDrive and I would like to update to the last TL and SP (TL2, SP7 I think, not sure)

Thks a lot.
Title: Re: SP and TL
Post by: Michael on November 10, 2015, 06:46:34 AM
I too suffer from the same issues when trying to download updates, and personally, I think it is going to hurt independent skills development - and ultimately fear that it may hurt acceptance, or better application, of AIX in the data center. Not immediately, of course, but overtime.

I suspect you shall have to do as I do now - stop using SUMA from the machines directly and instead, using a "borrowed" IBMid use fixcentral to setup a ftp transfer. After that I use wget to download everything.

I am saddened that IBM is making choose between using a corporate ID, rather than a personal one or leaving AIX personal development.

Wishing I had had happier news for you!