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Author Topic: PowerVM licensing  (Read 4835 times)

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PowerVM licensing
« on: June 19, 2014, 07:30:47 PM »
Hi all,

I hope this isn't a stupid question, because I have been trying to get an answer for some time and have had no luck when contacting IBM or some of their UK business partners.

I have a second hand 9133-55A Power5 at home as part of a lab for practicing bits and pieces I find in redbooks. I am trying to learn more about the operating system and POWER architecture before attending some AIX administration courses early next year.

What I am most interested in learning is the set of features that PowerVM enables. I am trying to obtain a PowerVM Express license to enable me to get my feet wet with setting up VIO partitions with AIX and Linux client LPARs, and configuring virtual ethernet, shared resources etc.

How does one go about obtaining an Express license for educational / self teaching purposes. Or is this a strict no-go? (as seems to be the case judging by the lack of replies I'm getting from companies I've contacted.)

Is it an issue of them not being able to sell single licenses for one system? Do I need to order it through my company, or can they sell licenses to individuals?

I was hoping to find my own answers, but googling and e-mailing hasn't helped me so far  :P



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Re: PowerVM licensing
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2014, 01:30:52 PM »
Have you contacted IBM directly?

Do you work for a company with an IBM business partner and/or IBM representative?

I do not know how difficult it will be to get a PowerVM express license for a Power5 these days.

And, if you have tried both of above already - there should be some kind of information available via the site that manages Capacity on Demand.

I am on vacation right now. If you still do not have an answer in two weeks - I will have time to help you out then.

So, +- 7 July - please post whether you are still looking - so I know to look.