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CAA Repository disk for POWERHA 7.2



I have the following question regarding POWERHA 7.2 2 node cluster setup.

For the CAA repo disk i do not have the option for a LUN. Only internal SAS Storage.
Is there anyway to have a part of this SAS storage act as a REPO Disk for my 2 node cluster.

Can SSP play a part in this maybe? I wanted to have a LV mapped to my 2 cluster nodes , but that is not possible , not even with the -f mkvdev option.


Long ago (roughly 10 years) - before there was NPIV, there was a hack in PowerHA/VIOS (so not CAA) that made it possible to share two LV backed hdisks. We used this for education - it was not recommended for production.

I have not played enough with SPP to know if it can create virtual storage that can accept - and use the "no_reserve_ setting - which is what is key for this to be able to work.

So, question back: if you create storage - using SPP - will it let you a) assign it to two vhost adapters, and can you also set the disk attribute "reserve_policy" to no_reserve.

Thank you Michael for the answer.

LV is definitely not possible because mkvdev will not allow you to map 1 lv to 2 vhosts. Not even with the -f option.

I even tried to tweak the PVID on the 2nd node. Looked good , but once i wanted to synchronize it gave an error.
So LV is not an option. Only hdisks are supported , and just now i tried to do this and that worked.

I used an SAS Disk of 146GB for this. The reason i wanted to use the 1GB LV is because 1GB is enough. So now i waste 145GB, but ok , it works now :-)

Once again Michael , thank you for your comments.



Does it work if you use file/backed storage (like SSP does)?

Or, if you have a NSA with iscsi (this is how I run my "home system", internal disks for the VIOS and then iscsi for disks I "mkvdev" away to partitions.


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